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For Immediate Release
October 6, 2017

We are offering complimentary international interviews to startups, executives, and corporate professionals. The interviews are featured on and the offer includes publishing and basic marketing solutions. started since it’s inception as a digital go to website for business trends, professional leadership, and news on technology innovations. Our products are featured on various platforms in video, podcast, and article form.

Our audience is international and the average number visitors are 2,000 per month and growing. We partner with vendors to improve customer relations. We welcome working with new vendors.

We are happy to have interviewed professionals from large global companies like IBM and AT&T. We too have enjoyed interviewing international startups in particular startups that have received international financing worth millions. now features less advertisement to improve the customer experience. We are conducting outreach to engage more with our audience, maintain and develop customer relations. International interviews are conducting through various apps namely Skype. We conduct research and implement best mode of communication for international podcast interviews. HQ offices are currently located in the City of Seattle in the US. Not only do our customers have the business opportunity to reach millions in the US, but they also have a business opportunity to reach to billions around the world.

Typical topics for startups include stories of business success, monetary success, and challenges. Topics for professionals include stories of career success, professional development, and income. Executive story topics include leadership and perspective. Our customer’s podcast is accompanied with a high quality stock photo image. Our complimentary offer includes an option to upgrade to reach more consumers.

Kristal Whyte is founder and owner of various companies:, Botka, and Capital 5000. She started by herself with a cheap blog and a tablet. She has upgraded to commercial equipment hardware and software. Now she leads a team. She has been investing in other startups with their marketing campaigns.

Capital5000 is a marketing business to assist high networth individuals such as investors and Venture Capitalist.

Botka is a social media marketing agency and started off with the encouragement of a friend. Botka conducts content marketing through various platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram to name a few.

International marketing kits have been distributed but not limited to:
London, UK | Dusseldorf, Germany | Alberta, Canada | Accra, Ghana | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Moscow, Russia

Media Relations
Published by Kristal Whyte

December 30, 2016: Wealthmeunlimited is celebrating 2017 by providing enhanced services to our users. We’re closing 2016 by giving our users a better website with a new look. Our new website lets users easily share articles on social media. Navigation on our website allows readers to search for articles under categories: Technology, Leadership, Careers, Goods, and Blogger’s Wall -for guest bloggers. With constant demand we are also providing more content on international companies. We made some changes to stay relevant with technological demand and we went from being a publishing company to being a multimedia company.

Investors may get in on the ground level of startup ideas, ‘startuplike’ private companies, and startups that already have secured anywhere from seed funding to funding rounds. Business leaders and angel investors alike are invested on business insights and the prospect of securing funding in our company.

Why us? We stay relevant. We set media trends and provide you the ‘info’ that matters.

We have already secured funding from an angel investor and are in the process of securing further funding from other accredited investors in the New Year. With enhanced services, our team will earn a livable wage and wealthmeunlimited will continue attracting and keeping high caliber candidates. We’ve interviewed a Harvard graduate and a NYU student as qualified job candidates. Our company is lead by the WEALTHMEUNLIMITED.COM team.

While not all startups guarantee to provide a return on investment, we want to ensure that our investors feel financially secure with their investment choices. Investors want to do more with their money, earn returns and invest in startup portfolios that minimize their financial risk and increase the chances of getting a return.

Currently WEALTHMEUNLIMITED.COM will be raising startup funds on a few platforms: Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, and AngelList. We look forward to securing funding to support our team and their everyday expenses to welcome and celebrate a new year.


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