The first impression is a lasting impression. Rehearsing for a job interview is on your to do list, but so is dressing to impress. The job market is full of nine-to-five jobs—jobs for lawyers, executives, accountants, professors, bankers, doctors, government positions, sales professionals, etc.

Looking your best in an interview allows you to shine through and stand out from the rest; besides, by many job standards, it’s just business etiquette to dress professionally. It also means you’re armed with a suit, and it signals to others you’re about business.

Appearance does matter even in the details. An outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars looks and feels different than something on the affordable end. For example, the texture of the material—is it too thin? Does it make you feel like you’re almost wearing nothing? The color pigment—does it fade after a few washes at the dry cleaner? Patterns—do the designs catch your eye? By wearing a finer quality outfit, you will certainly leave the employer with a better first impression and may even be more likely to receive a job offer. Good attire speaks volumes about what you can provide to the employer if you are hired for the position.

The most simple and effective way to get dressing and suiting advice is to contact a retailer that sells professional wear and offers personalized services, such as Brooks Brothers and Diane Von Fürstenberg, respectively offering in-store services such as fittings and an over-the-phone guide to shopping at their online store.

Brooks Brothers is known for preppy polos and being a purveyor of fine clothing. Associates there make appointments, measure you, and make standard attire recommendations such as a shirt, suit, and tie combination. Moreover, they go into further detail to make you stand out, such as going for bold ties that are more assertive such as white, blue, or pink shirt -is what Brooks Brothers Company strives for currently. Looking good for a job interview by Brooks Brothers, an estimate, can cost upwards of $1,797.50.

Diane Von Fürstenberg is a luxury-focused lifestyle brand, and the designer line is known for wraps and form-fitting dresses. All of the DVF brand items have names, and associates here too provide recommendations, such as their DVF Evita. This fitted black dress is tighter around the waist and goes down to below the knee; another item is the DVF Caity, a woven blazer, and both items are wear to work outfits. A complete Diane Von Fürstenberg trendy look for a job interview can cost, approximately, upwards of $1,034.80.

Clothing quality influences confidence since looking your best increases your ego levels. Several factors are taken into account when employers make hiring decisions. However, the interviewer observes your confidence and this in turn increases your chances of getting hired to fulfill the job requirements.

PUBLISHED ON: 9/12/2016

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To demonstrate how green BMW is, they built their recyclable car. Its size and shape closely resembles a minivan, but it is not, according to a staff member who remained anonymous during the interview, in which we will call Bruno, a BMW Genius and their sales professional. This product line, the BMW i3, is vastly different than their other luxury vehicles by looks alone; it’s a hybrid vehicle in comparison to their four door sedans, such as the M3 and 2 series.

While you won’t see car salesman making headlines at the Olympics, you will see and meet them when shopping around for a new car, competing for your business. Top car manufacturers in sales for 2015 are Toyota, VW, Renault-Nissan, GM, Hyundai, and Ford, according to industry statistics by Statista. The BMW i3 Sedan competes with Nissan’s Leaf, mentioned Bruno.

While some companies get a bad reputation for filing for bankruptcy, others get a bad reputation for cheating emissions, and others for having airbag disasters. Yet these companies are still in business.

In contrast, BMW has had a legacy of building strong cars that are reliable while on the road, and still continues to with their BMW i3 recyclable car, said Bruno. The car “is 95% or 98% recyclable” he adds, it’s lighter and stronger and made from carbon fiber.

The i3 is keyless and it parallel parks itself with the press of a button. Bruno explained that in terms of efficiency, BMW has invested in cost-effective manufacturing components:
“BMW purchased a big factory out there [Moses Lake, Washington]
that makes carbon fiber and they chose there because the
hydroelectric dam supplies the energy, and the energy that the cars
powered by wind, so it’s ECO all the way around.” said Bruno.
The BMW i3’s product line makes two models, the BMW i3 and the BMW i8. It’s a connected car, syncs to mobile devices and runs apps such as YouTube and Pandora, for example. BMW also owns Mini and Rolls Royce.

PUBLISHED ON 8/18/2016

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