WEALTHMEUNLIMITED is a global multimedia company. Published monthly, it features current international business news, entrepreneur insights, the secrets of successful business leaders and businesses, latest technological innovations, lifestyle, and the best international investment opportunities.

Regular Features in WEALTHMEUNLIMITED include:

First – WEALTHMEUNLIMITED provides insights on what matters in business now with a mix of short articles that range from the zany and entertaining to the thought provoking and the outstanding.

Tech – Technology drives the economy by providing innovative business solutions. Tech examines what is new, what is trending, and who headlines the news in technology. It gives leaders and decision makers key insights into the innovations that are changing the way people do business.

Careers – The Career section of WEALTHMEUNLIMITED uses the perspective of the everyday office heads, real-world situations and sophisticated advice to help ambitious professionals as they navigate career path twists and turns.

Leadership – Follows leaders and insights into their way of leading business.

Invest – Intellectual investors turn to WEALTHMEUNLIMITED to profit from unique strategies provided by industry leaders and understanding international economic trends.

Goods – Good’s offers WEALTHMEUNLIMITED’s readers intelligence on accruements of successful lifestyles, from fashion, timepieces and high-end automotive to real estate, travel, and spirits.

Enterprise – Enterprise is dedicated to thriving small to mid-size businesses and startups, and the entrepreneurial visionaries who lead them, providing industry perspective, ideas that inspire, companies and leaders to watch and the lessons of success.

With 24/7 access to the people and ideas that are shaping the business world -all day and every day, WEALTHMEUNLIMITED magazine is required reading and viewing for successful executives around the globe.

Investor Relations:

Contact : J. Kristal Whyte
Phone: (206)251-1407
Email: Jhoannakw@gmail.com
Address: Columbia Tower, 701 Fifth Avenue, 42nd Floor, Seattle, Washington, 98104-5119



Kristal Whyte

Founder & CEO

Kristal Whyte, is the CEO and Founder. Kristal has spent the last three years staying at the forefront of business and journalism. She also has developed and managed business models. Kristal enjoys discovering hot new products and learning about innovative businesses. She also serves the advisory board.

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Personal Assistant & Intern

Lars Osborn is a personal assistant to the CEO and an intern.  He is keen on business partnerships, business development, and has experience in customer service. He enjoys travel, black-tie galas, boating, anything Wall Street, and reading.


Caitlyn Schmidt

Contributor & Editor

Caitlyn Schmidt, Contributor and Editor. Caitlyn is a graduate of Western Washington University, where she majored in English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing. She enjoys traveling and has visited twenty-three countries to date.

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Thorr Viernes


Thorr Viernes is a musician and an entrepreneur from Los Angeles. His career has allowed him travel to travel internationally. He has performed in various punk rock bands. He is currently in a band called Mass Terror and he loves going to shows. Music is his life and he gets his creative inspiration from people. The author is a WEALTHMEUNLIMITED contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.

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Claude Farmer

Advisor to the Executive

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Jessica Lawler

Contributor & Editor

Jessica Lawler, Contributor and Editor. She is a Graduate of Western Washington University with a double major in English Literature and German Language. On the rare occasion she is not reading or writing, Jessica enjoys all things technology related, from games to gadgets.

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PR Contributor

Brett Jean Rogers is a PR Contributor. He is a Graduate of York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business & Society. Brett enjoys the outdoors such as fishing, hiking, and snow boarding.


Dr. Pano Kroko

Advisor to the Executive

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