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COMPANY NEWS 11/28/2016 – Building a portfolio increases your chances of getting paid to produce editorial content and become best-selling author. Beginning your career as a Guest Blogger paves the way to getting paid for your work. No one may know who you are in the beginning, but there are many experienced bloggers who began their career freelancing. Once you’ve established yourself in the industry as a sought after Guest Blogger for WEALTHMEUNLIMITED, endorsements, contracts, and sponsorships follow. It takes some months, and others a year to get such offers.

Guest Blogging paves the way to gaining notoriety and an audience. Benefit from notoriety as you Blog for WEALTHMEUNLIMITED, gain admiration, build your legacy and your portfolio. As you gain an audience, you will gain a following, and credibility as you demonstrate your competence as a Blogger and journalist. Gain a worthy and valuable audience, share useful content, and your influence will grow by producing new content to share with others.

Practice makes perfect, and blogging enables you to become a better journalist. Writing is a skill just like driving a car or public speaking, the more you do it, the more proficient you become. There is no better way to hone your Blogging skills than to Blog. Practice makes perfect, and while becoming known in the media and journalism industry takes time, you are constantly furthering your career.

It increases living standards by being productive and contributing member in society. There are various measuring tools to gauge the standard of living such as the GDP, High School and College Graduation rates, income, life expectancy, health care, and employment rates. Productivity dictates living standards, for example, low productivity is linked to low living standards and high levels of productivity are linked with a higher standard of living. Take into account an unemployment gap in your resume, a person who is employed or a contributing member in society such as a Guest Blogger is more likely to experience higher living standards than an unemployed person with an empty resume. Becoming a high profile Guest Blogger is a sure and effective way to become fully employed and earn a living.

To submit your blog content, either articles or editorials, please send us samples of your portfolio.

PUBLISHED ON: 11/28/2016

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